Competitions play a vital role in motivating students to perform and excel and offer a lot more reward than just the winning prize.

We at Universal English High School Goregaon West offer a chance for all the students to gain substantial experience, showcase skills, analyze and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude. Competitions also encourage students to adopt innovative techniques and develop their ideas and skills. Competitions offer many more relishing rewards for students and the chances of winning competitions can only be improved by honing skills and competing in more and more competitions

Cognition Centric Activities

Speech & debate

Universal English High School believes that Speech and debate activities sharpen student’s ability to think and listen critically, and articulate their thoughts confidently and persuasively. The ability to think critically is essential for our children today, who are being bombarded with humanistic ideas and political agendas in movies, TV, social media, music, literature, and even their textbooks.

Critical thinking skills are developed. Students involved in Speech & Debate develop higher-level thinking skills through application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and creativity. They come to understand what they believe about the issues that confront them in our culture and why. Increased problem-solving abilities and overall academic performance. Speech & Debate students score higher on standardized tests including the SAT, ACT, and AP.

Research skills. Speech & Debate students learn more about their world and the policies and value system that affect them and their communities as a whole.

  • Critical listening skills

  • Think quickly on their feet

  • Confidence under pressure

  • Present compelling responses to difficult questions

  • Best of all: Life-long friendships!

Universal English High School

Goregaon West

293, Jawahar Nagar, Road No. 12, Lane Opposite Cinemax Theatre, Off S.V. Road, Goregaon West, Mumbai 400062

Tel: 28723112


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